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Founded in 2010, MWA specializes in physician practices, surgery centers, labs, nursing homes, dentists, veterinarians, funeral homes and other outpatient healthcare facilities. We offer flexible scheduling, reliable service, reasonable pricing, and local customer service agents ready to safely and conveniently meet your needs.

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Superior Service

We develop lasting relationships with healthcare providers by offering competitive, consistent pricing and services.  MWA provides reliable on-call services, off schedule pickups, and quick response times. Our staff is easily accessible and ready to address your changing needs.

Affordable Pricing

There are no additional charges for fuel, energy, or any other surcharges. Our prices include all containers, liners, and all regulatory documentation required for full compliance. We have competitive, consistent pricing and services without any compromise of compliance regulations. 

Flexible Scheduling

Deciding how often you need pickup services for your medical waste is critical for the healthy functioning of your business. Scheduling your medical waste management pickup services depends on several factors.

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We offer reasonable terms offering one, two and three year contracts. As a privately held company, we are focused on serving the needs of our clients, not trapping them into an unreasonably long contract. Our view is that customer retention is a reflection of customer service!

Markets Served

Physician Practices

Doctor’s offices and Walk-In Clinics usually treat thousands of patients a year.  The great majority of patient visits produce some type of medical waste ranging from syringes, blood specimens, throat cultures, and contaminated gloves.

Surgery Centers

We specialize in medical waste disposal for the needs of surgery and outpatient centers.  We are committed to providing superior customer service in the area of medical waste disposal that will both save you time and money.


Laboratories produce some of the most diverse types of medical waste ranging from biomedical, pathological, pharmacetical, chemo-trace, and hazardous.  Segregation is critical in a lab enrionment and MWA can help.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes, elder care facilities, assisted living facilities, and disabled persons’ facilities must follow strict regulations. Some of the laws and regulations that apply to this sector include the management and disposal of unused pharmaceuticals and medical waste.


Whether you are an independent dentist, a dental group, or an oral surgeon your practice produces many similar types of regulated medical waste (RMW) as a traditional doctor’s office but also produce some waste such as amalgam that is unique to their specialty.

Funeral Homes

Many funeral home employees in the course of their daily activities will come in contact with the bodies of those who have passed away. The preparation of a body for funeral services and burial require the use of powerful chemicals along with exposure to biomedical waste.


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 A good word means a lot, read what our customers have to say:

Medical Waste of Amercia has been the medical waste disposal partner the last three years for OrthoTennessee. They are much easier to work with and more cost effective than our previous supplier.



Working with MWA has been a HUGE breath of fresh air. I have received comments from several employees in various departments regarding the pleasant attitude of your employees and how much easier the whole process is now that we have switched. Please share with your folks and keep doing what you’re doing!”

Molecular Pathology Laboratory


We switched to Medical Waste of America (MWA) and have been very satisfied with their service, reliability and professional staff. The costs are fair and reasonable and best of all consistent. MWA has been easy to work with and we couldn’t be happier.

 Healthstar Physicians


These people are AWESOME…..Check them out! Been doing business with this local company for over 6 years and we have zero complaints. The onsite service that you will receive is 2nd to none. Dependable Drivers and Prompt Pick-ups. You need to check with MWA before you re-sign with another Medical Waste Vendor.

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Sharps waste is classified by the FDA as biohazardous waste and care must be handled appropriately.  Some of the most common medical devices considered sharps waste are hypodermic needles, disposable scalpels and blades, contaminated glass, certain plastics, and dental wire.


Biohazardous waste is any waste that is of medical origin such as biomedical waste from physicians, laboratories, dentists, nursing homes, and veterinary clinics. Biohazardous waste is any solid or liquid material that contains contaminants like blood and body fluids.  


Pharmaceutical waste includes expired and partially used drugs and vaccines, that are no longer required and need to be disposed. It also includes contaminated pharmaceutical products, discarded items used in the handling of pharmaceuticals, such as bottles or boxes with residues

Pathological Waste

Pathological waste is one example of medical waste and just like other types of biohazardous or pharmaceutical waste it requires a specific disposal process. If your facility produces this type of waste, it must be segregated, packaged, and labeled properly.

Chemo Waste

Chemotherapy generates some of the most hazardous waste in the medical
industry, so when it comes to medical waste disposal, healthcare providers that manage chemotherapy will find that it is a critical aspect of their healthcare waste management plan.


Medical Waste of America can reduce compliance risks through appropriate containers, labeling, and manifests; compliant disposal of medical waste; complete chain of custody; and training programs in accordance with DOT, EPA, and OSHA Standards.